Linerle – fugl

kr 299,00

Hand carved wooden wagtail

DecoBird Wagtail is a life-like wooden bird that is carved and painted by hand. With its long wagging tail, this black and white spring bird is easy to spot as it rushes over the grass as soon as the snow has melted.

Listen to the Wagtail’s song and read more in our bird school

Collect DecoBirds

The DecoBirds collectable series includes our dearest birds, skilfully carved by hand. The series is constantly being expanded with more life-like species. For each bird there is a little nice and informative booklet with information about the species you have purchased. It comes packaged in a gift box with a window.

Pied wagtail in other languages:

Scientific name: Motacilla alba
Dutch: Kwikstaart
French: Mésange bergeronnette
German: Bachstelze
Italian: Ballerina
Spanish: Lavandera Blanca
Swedish: Sädesärla

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